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Saturday Stay and Play session The nurseries will be joining together to run a stay and play session on Saturday 21st  February between the hours of 10:00am and 12:00pm.  This will be at Abacus Early Learners nursery which is opposite Chase Terrace Technology College on Bridge Cross Road.  We will be focusing on activities promoting           Communication and Language.  If there is anything you would particularly like us to include then please speak to Sue, Linda or Sarah.  We are looking forward to seeing you!
The Abacus Nursery Newsletter 2015
Feedback forms You will shortly be receiving feedback forms which enable families to provide important information for their child’s key person.  These forms support us to provide appropriate activities and feed into the children’s Individual Development Pathway
Policy of the month Thank you to those parents who have made suggestions to our policy this month which is the ‘Image Taking Policy’.  We will shortly be sending out the permission sheet for parents to review and sign.  Once signed, please give this form back to a member of staff and your child’s records will be updated.   
Warm Clothing Please could all parents/carers ensure that their children are coming to nursery with suitable clothing for the weather as we take part in outdoor learning during all weathers?  If you would like to keep hats, gloves and scarves at nursery then please feel free to do so.  Thank you 
New staff and Leavers We have recently said goodbye to Kirsty who has left to work with special educational needs children.  WE have also said goodbye to Jenny who has left to have a baby.  We wish them both well.  We have appointed 2 new staff members.  Liz Baker is a level 3 nursery nurse and is working with the children in the Tiggy Winkles room.  Liz joins our team with many years of experience and is particularly interested in outdoor learning.  Gemma Litherland is also a level 3 nursery nurse and will be starting with us soon as our room supervisor in the Whinnie’s room at Early Learners. 
Parent Questionnaires We have started to send our parent questionnaires as your feedback on the service we provide is very valuable.  If you would prefer to keep your views anonymous then please post your questionnaires in the envelope provided into the suggestion box.  We will be happy to provide feedback if you would like to leave your details.  Thank you in advance
Car park safety Please ensure you drive slowly when driving into and out of the nursery car park.  Please be aware that children may be in the car park and their safety is paramount.  Also please be aware that the car park may become slippery during the cold weather we are having.  Take care
Parents evening – March 2015 We are planning for our parents meetings to take place during the month of March.  This coincides with the next Individual Development Pathways being completed for each child.  Each appointment will be approximately 10 minutes.  There will be more details to follow.  
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